Chasing your dreams

I feel so inspired by the man who came in to the english class today. He totally made my day.
It was a friend of our english teacher named Jayson. He talked about life, his life and everything.
He started from the bottom and became a hell of a good producer and are now owning a music record.
He has worked with famous people like One Direction, Justin Bieber.. And so many more god this list
would be really long he has also very many famous friends. His way of thinking was so cool. First rule
of chasing your dream is that there's no such thing as failure and be fucking best at your thing. His
friend was there as a moral support haha however it was Peter who drives a famous blog yeah you
heard about him? Also known as kissies brother. The producer said that if we did very good in
english class he was gonna give us tickets to concerts, such a nice man! He taught us about life,
that we should appreciate all we have and make the best out of ourselves cause if you are so freaking
good there will be people out there who will fight to have you in their records, movie or whatever you
wanna be and then u will start getting payed. I think that the schools should focus more about things
like life, yeah teach us about life than boring teaching like history and so on. This was the most intersting
class i had in years! No in my whole life actually. I hope he come back soon! One day when i've been
writing my own music and have a demo i'm definitely gonna send it to him. I'm gonna work
my ass off now on being best at the things i love. And hope it pays off in the end.
Most important is believing in yourself.


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