U built ur wall so high that no one could climb it

I've seen The Conjuring now and it was so horrible and scary just as a horror movie should be. Thanks for that!
I'm so tired of horror movies that doesn't make me feel afraid. I always get a little kick and it's the only movies i can't sleep at haha. Am I the only one here that hates fall? I wish it could be winter now with all these christmas feelings. But what i'm really longing for is spring. I turn 18 in april which i'm gonna celebrate in USA ;)

Postat av: ebba

Åh vad fin blogg med fina bilder!

Kolla gärna in på vår blogg om du vill ha julklappstips :)

2013-11-19 @ 19:46:19
URL: http://ebbaocornelia.blogg.se

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